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Q. I am on H-1B status and changed employers. My new employer has filed for H-1B transfer. How soon can I start working for the new employer?

You can start working once the USCIS has received the H-1B petition. It usually takes about a week for the receipt notice.


Q. Can two different employers file for an H-1B petition for me at the same time?

Yes, that is possible.


Q. I am in the 7th year extension of my H-1B status. Can I still change employers?

There are certain circumstances in which you can change employers. It depends on whether your I-485 application has been filed and is still pending.


Q. I am currently on L-1 visa in the United States. My H-1B petition from a differently employer recently got approved. Does this mean that I am automatically on H-1B status?

This does not happen automatically, as the USCIS does not cancel your L-1. Your employer would have to withdraw the L-1 once you leave.


Q. My F1-OPT is expiring soon. How long can I still stay in the country after that?

 You get a 60-day grace period upon expiration of your F1-OPT to stay in the country. However, you cannot work during your grace period.

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