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"Great Immigration Lawyer"

"For a case as complex as mine, I could not have been dealing with a better immigration attorney in the New York / New Jersey area than Vidya Parwani. Very rarely do you get lawyers nowadays, who are available themselves rather than passing you off to paralegals. Parwani was extremely prompt and professional in getting back to me and was even available to me on off hours and weekends in critical times." - N. Gupta

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"Great Job!!"

"I got my H1-B visa transfered through immigration attorney Vidya Parwani in NYC. Not only did she do what was necessary, but she also answered all my questions and concerns, gave useful tips and kept me in the loop with whatever was happening with my case. She made sure my employer was comfortable with the process too. Vidya is a super-professional lawyer and knows her job pretty well. In the time when people are hearing scary stories about H-1B transfers, she made sure that she didn't miss out on anything that might hinder my case. I got my H-1B approval in mere 2 days. Thanks Vidya for helping me out & good luck! " - G.Sarvaiya.

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"Excellent Immigration Lawyer!!"

"Highly recommended immigration law firm. If you are looking for an immigration lawyer in New york city who will go out of the way to help you expedite your case, look no further. Attorney Vidya was available to help with my green card case at odd hours and weekends also. When it comes to immigration law and naturalization matters, Vidya Parwani really knows her stuff. " - Alok S.


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