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Monday, 19 August 2013 17:01

by Neha Dutt - August 18, 2013

It seems that the spook of the US visa has compelled the Indian IT companies to increase their lobbying spends in the US. This surge has been leaps and bounds as the important Indian IT companies have been somehow scared of the immigration bill, says expert.

TCS Spends

TCS has spent $30,000 on lobbying. So, the spook of the US immigration bill has influenced this Indian IT company to spend on lobbying as early as possible. It has invested in lobbying after 2005. So, after a long period, TCS has initiated its lobbying expenditure.

Wipro Spends:

This year, Wipro has invested $240,000 till July. This is a little high in comparison to last year’s spending of $210,000. These facts have been authenticated by a website that assesses the policies of companies and their impact on the citizens.

Cognizant/ Nasscom Spends

Cognizant’s lobbying investments have also touched huge turf of $520,000 this year till July. Last year, its lobbying expenditure was $960,000.

Nasscom has been engaged in lobbying in the US and has spent $30,000 between January and March this year.

Nasscom VP Speaks

According to Ameet Nivsarkar, "We are engaging with coalitions and consortiums in the US like the US India Business Council, an independent think-tank. It's also important for our members and non-members to be a part of the advocacy through multiple engagements that requires having local representatives in the US or even talking to their customers to raise the issue on their behalf.”

Reason for Aggressive Lobbying

The impending immigration bill has triggered the IT companies to spend in lobbying in the US. The bill is supposed to make work visas such as H-1B more expensive. Besides, it would be all the more grim to obtain work visas for companies that have extensive US staff on such visas.

Fear of Changing Business Models:

If the bill would be passed, there are chances that the Indian IT companies may have to bring some changes to their business models. In that case, they may have to hire more local Americans. Of course, that would not be an economical decision for the Indian IT companies. They may even have to devise ways to get more of the work offshore. But, let’s see what happens as the bill has a multitude of repercussions.


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